Our Services

At Quint Systems, we offer a broad range of services for your controls & automation requirements. From design and testing to start-up and training, we're a full-service control solutions provider and we're proud to stand behind our work.

Electrical Design & Panel Build

Disciplined engineering practices provide you reliable electrical systems

Our electrical engineers understand the North American and European Electrical codes and safety standards including CSA, ESA, NEC, UL and CE that are applicable to your control systems. We use AutoCAD to deliver a complete design package including electrical schematics, single line diagrams, control panel layouts, bill of materials, wire and cable schedules. We build control panels that meet CSA and UL electrical codes.

Drives and Motion

A control system that DRIVES performance

We’re specialized in drive systems and motion control. We customize the right solution for your specific drive application, either for a retrofit project or a new installation. Our offering ranges from a simple drive in a box to a complex multi-drive system, using AC or DC drives. Our engineering team has expertise and experience to design and deliver common DC-bus drive systems, where the energy is shared among drives to optimize the total power consumption. We also deliver motion control for servo applications.

PLC Programming

With focus on providing easy-to-follow software

We have significant experience programming PLCs from all major manufacturers with IEC 1131-compliant standards including Ladder Diagram (LD), Sequential Function Charts (SFC), Function Blocks (FB) and Structured Text (ST) languages. The delivered PLC program will be structured, modular, stable and well-documented.

HMI / SCADA Programming

Designed with the end-user in mind

We provide HMI / SCADA programming and configuration of all major manufacturers including OPC Interfaces. Our visualization screens are simple and user-friendly and designed to meet the project's production improvement and operational efficiency.

Software Development

Providing reliable applications and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Ever wonder if there is a way to know how your production is running today? How about for the last month? Or last year? Quint systems has the answer with innovative software design which can provide you with information such as part tracking, production traceability, down time, production counts and quality reports. Our solution is reliable and has a user friendly interface. We can link to your ERP system providing you with real time production information.

Project Management

We're stuck to the project like glue from pre-planning to post-installation

A dedicated project manager is assigned to each job. This single point of contact is responsible for the project deliverables, while making sure the project meets the customers' expectations and is delivered on-time and on-budget. As part of a turnkey solution, we can offer installation supervision and sub-contractor management.

Commissioning and Start-Up Support

We'll help you hit the ground running

Quint Systems' development team will provide commissioning and start-up support at your facility including system installation, testing, I/O verification, and operational training on the new control system.